Things have been really crazy lately. It is March so it's time for another round of design submission to different magazines. I usually only submit designs for two publishers; however, keeping the submission deadline has been driving me crazy especially when I also have a project submission deadline for the magazine. With a full time job... a very active 16 months old.. and running around to get to kids' activities.. I put off the design until last minutes.. and now.. I have about 7 days left to get everything done... I need magic to get everything together.. God Help Me!!!!

Well.. enough for all the complaining... after all... I am the one to put myself into this situation. The good thing is that my project submission is going well and I have about 2 weeks to get the project finished. I have already completed the written patterns for both Beanie and Mittens and charts for the project, the beanie is completed and one mitten done... so only one more mitten to go and I am sure I can squeeze it in in 2 weeks. The project is called the Twist Cable Beanie and Mittens set for a magazine that will be published sometime this September.... Just in time for winter and holiday knitting. The above pictures were the sample set. My dear boy, Isaac and my nephew, David Edward, were gracious enough to be the models. The pictures above was the exact set that I used for the intial design submission and it was worked using Rustic Wool by Queensland Collection. LOVE rustic Wool, it's a dk weight yarn that provide very nice and soft texture. The color that this yarn offer is down right delicious. It is dk weight wool yarn, it's not bulky, it's warm and it feels great against the skin. I can't say enough about this beautiful yarn. The project submssion that I am working on is worked in Rustic Tweed by Queensland Collection. It is very similar to rustic wool: dk weight, soft texture, nice color selection and fantastic to work with. It comes in 100g skein with 278 yards. A good quality yarn with a good price. I am loving these two yarns and I already have a few projects in mind that I can certainly utilizes them. 

As for my schedule for the next 7 days, a lot of sketching (glad that I have some done), yarn selection, knitting swatches and prepared for the submission package.... very busy but yet enjoyable... let's hope that everything will get done on time!   

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