If anyone follows my blog, you will know that I am currently working on the new collection of purses. I have posted one of my purse design - Rufflely on the early post with the blog titled 'Purse, Purse, Purse'.  I has just received news from Creative Knitting that the matching cardigan to the Rufflely purse will be featured in the Jan 2011 Issue of the magazine. So I would love to have actual purse sample done to go along with the cardigan publication date. I believe the magazine will come out in Nov 2010.

With my friend, Annette, being my sample knitter, I have a swatch for my 2nd design. It is going to be a felted tote... yes oh yes.. I am going back to my felting root on this one.  
Center Motif
The picture to the left provides a little preview on the main center motif for the tote... It's different tones of blue; turquoise and the deepest navy... no surprise for the color choices here... blue being one of my favourite color. I wanted to play with simple line and shape to create interesting visual effect... it's going to be bright and busy but I hope it's in a good way. With a little bit of imagination and playing with different combination of colors, this will be one fun tote to knit.

Stay tune for the actual sketch for this tote... still thinking a good name for it. It's friday, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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