Just got an email from Interweave that my BabyDoll Cardi that features in this post will be included in the Interweave Weekend Issue which will be available later this year. It is a wonderful news for me because I love this cardigan and being published by Interweave definitely helps to expose my design to a large group of knitting community. 

There are a lot of benefit from being published by a popular magazine, but one important thing to me is to force myself to sit down and actually write down my design pattern. I considered myself quite detail oriented but not very organize in term of my knitting design; I would have sketch, swatch, schematic, and note about the pattern all over the place. On the process of knitting my design, I would often make correction to my design note and when I finally finished knitting my project, I would be too lazy to wrote down the final corrected pattern. So being published definitely help me organized!

There are people in my knitting group that have been asking for my Babydoll cardi pattern. I would have to tell them now to wait for the magazine publication.  Really do hope that they won't mind.

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