Hello everyone! I wish everyone a wonderful year ahead. In this year, we should not look back to the past and always look forwards to a brighter and happier future.

Since it is a brand new year and a brand new decade, I decided to have a new website, a more professional site to maintain my designs. I do love my old blog site; however, it has its limitation and there are something that I wish my old site would do but it could not. Therefore,  I set up this new site in hoping to have a better organization to my designs and patterns.

I am on the process of moving my older blogs from my silkieknit blog site to this site. Once all the necessary post has been moved form there to here. My old blog site will be a history.

This site is still under very heavy construction so please keep tracking back. In this new year, I promise to keep my blog updated as often as possible! Also I am hoping my imagination will really run wild and design something awesome.

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