I always have a few projects to put aside for myself to work on when
1. I have a mind block during design submission;
2. when I am sitting in front of the TV with a sleeping baby in my arms;
3. Try to use some of my yarn stash;
4. To finish some straight forward projects such as socks for my nephew for the next holidays or some simple project that I can work on without referring to pattern all the time.

The above cushion I started a couple weeks ago while I was looking through my magazine and pattern book to get inspiration for my upcoming submission. As I was flipping through Nicky Epstein's 'Knitting never felt better', I saw this pattern and I thought it would look nice as a cushion cover.

The front cover is made in 4 identical pieces and sew together; as for the back, it is made in 2 separate pieces by picking up stitches from both end. The 2 back pieces are overlapped in the middle to create a little opening for easy cushion insert. I use a rather simple motif for the back cover, it's a combination of stockinette stitch with a row of eyelet. I have included a picture of the back cover. Since the pictures were taking in different time; hence, the color seems quite different even they are the exact same color. I am on the process of dropping down the pattern and will publish it once it is available.